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What are options?

Options are contracts that give the holder the right to buy or sell 100 shares of a specific stock at a specific price (ie: the strike price) up until the option contract expires. A call option conveys the right to buy, while a put option conveys the right to sell. Read More

Why trade options?

Options allow the investor to manage risk or speculate on the price movement of a stock. In the latter case, an investor can use options to speculate on a stock using much less capital than if he were to simply buy the stock outright or short the stock outright, yet he will gain the same profit or loss exposure. Read More

How are options priced?

Options are priced using a pricing model, which is a complex mathematical formula. Although many different option pricing models exist, the most popular one is the Black-Scholes model. Read More

What are the Greeks?

The Greeks tell you how much the price of an option will change when certain other variables change. In addition to volatility, the Greeks can also be obtained with an option pricing model. The variables and their related Greeks are shown in the table below. Read More

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The material includes a basic background on options, many of the different trading strategies, how options are priced, details about the greeks, an extensive glossary, and some excellent books that we recommend. Options are versatile securities that can benefit any kind of investor, and we hope this website serves as a useful learning tool.

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